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We are a Youth led, non-political, not for profit and non-governmental Kenyan organization with a broad aim of enhancing the Youth Development by creating platforms of engagement. We are motivated and committed in bringing young people to the fore to suggest and inject solutions to our today’s National problems. We strive to combat youth unemployment and positive citizen participation.

The mission: To promote sound social justice, transparent governance, effective communication, and sustainable results for and by the young people

The Vision:To enhance and strengthen capabilities of young people to be positive forces of change

The Goal: Towards responsive and accountable governance

VUPF’s way of doing things

The VUP Foundation believes in the rule of law and as such, it accords young people an opportunity to exploit their talents to the fullest. Our approach focuses on skills development with the view of placing young people in positions of influence and development. We believe in the spirit of volunteerism and most often, we encourage our young people to go beyond good ideas to finding solutions to our ever arching issues. We foster programs that aims at alleviating poverty, encourage youth participation, promote accountability and development. Project ownership is crucial as we walk with the young people through project identification and implementation. But more importantly, we don’t entice our young people with handouts but instead we motivate them to be creative in their millions of ways.
VUP Foundation approach is bottom up as we value ownership of the project at every level including with the grass root population. We have a dedicated pool of young professionals on a wide range of issues (Entrepreneurship, peace and development, environment, policy governance and democracy) who make the ambitions and dreams of other young people come true by working closely with them in identifying real solutions to the issues that desire professional attention.

Our forecast

With appropriate support, VUP Foundation finds it trivial in making youth engagement more profitable and sustainable in nature. VUP Foundation identifies itself with communities that are uniquely in need of help and ensures that project implementation serves the intended purpose. At this point, VUP Foundation relies on well-wishersin supporting our core work. Out of these, we encourage well-wishers to contribute so that together we can bring unique and lasting change.

Our Guiding Principles

Our Values

Integrity: We aspire to maintain high moral standards, effective and timely service delivery to the people. We know that success of our projects relies hefty on honestly and upholding positive moral values.

Participation: We are committed to the process of capacity development of marginalized youths. We understand that change may be long term and may take a long time but we are convinced that participation is key in unlocking the youth potential.

Accountability: We are accountable for results at all levels. Each person is introduced to challenging performance standards that form the basis of performance evaluations that is conducted annually. There is an annual organizational review attended by Board members, staff and partners to assess the achievements and lessons learned.

Transparency: We believe that we need to deliver value for money; this is only possible by motivating our staffs to be more open and honest to the people we work with and for. We encourage our team to uphold positive self-esteem and professional.

Team Work: We coordinate our team by a central leadership team that assists the groups to obtain what they require to succeed. We ensure our priorities and resource allocation are well planned across departments. This ensures that our cross-functional and multi-department teams have a common ground and working together effectively