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We work with young people and other groups whose interest is to bring about meaningful and lasting change through a number of initiatives to our young people. As a team, we engage in the planning process together with our partners and the local target population thus promoting project ownership and minimizing on ethnic balkanization.

Mobilize and Advocate
By encouraging and bringing together youth in conflict zones, youth with disabilities, youth with limited access to the Internet, and many more to shape the path to success. We use our networks to reach the largest number of young people, ask them to share their platforms and help build a collective vision for youth development agenda. Help promote outcomes at grassroots, and with local and regional officials and policy makers.

We encourage young people to participate in our dialogue forums, online conversation on any or all of the five thematic areas: Governance and Democracy, Social Accountability, Advocacy, Environment and Youth Development that promote sound youth interventions.

We ensure that youth in rural areas, youth in groups, company’s or network do not only participate in activities like dialogue, political cafe’s , round tables and camping’s but also in ventures that will enable them realize the ideals outlined in the youth development agenda through networking and collaboration.

we have assigned a focal point in our organization where young people receive regular updates on youth opportunities, possibly including invitations for virtual meetings, events and activities to coordinate the work of partner organizations.